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The Jig is Up


22" x 17" giclee print

Sheriff Harrison Harper was enjoying a cold bottle of sarsaparilla at his local Chuy's. After taking his first sip he suddenly realized who the bartender was. Had the statewide man, I mean monkey hunt finally come to an end? Sure enough, it was Remington. See, Remington was one of the worst primates in the state of Texas. Stealing street signs, putting those annoying flyers on your car, not returning his shopping cart to the designated space, Remington did it all. He even attacked TV's Dr. Phil. It's where he got his famous scar. Dr. Phil bites back. He thought he'd take a bartending job at Chuy's until the heat was off. But little did he know that Sheriff Harper can't resist a cold bottle of sarsaparilla and delicious Tex-Mex.